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Fighting for Working Families

Many families in Warwick continue to struggle to make ends meet. I am fighting for us by eliminating the state's most regressive tax - the car tax - and increasing access to education, workforce training, and high quality childcare


Honest, Transparent Government

You deserve ethical and accountable representation. I have partnered with good-government groups such as Common Cause to pass Lobbying Reform, Campaign Finance Reform, and Ethics Reform. Working with Warwick residents, I also authored legislation to strengthen our Open Meetings Law.  

Investing in Education 

My wife Deirdre is a school nurse and our children attended Warwick schools. Kids in Warwick need to learn in 21st Century classrooms in order to compete for 21st Century jobs. That’s why I introduced a $40 million bond to improve Warwick's school infrastructure and supported policies to create more science, technology, engineering and math classes. 

Fighting the Opioid Crisis 

Families throughout Warwick have been impacted by the Opioid Crisis. In the state senate, we've passed new laws and public health policies that increase treatment options, raise awareness, and educate our youth. We've also overhauled our criminal justice system so addiction is treated as a disease not a crime, and, in doing so, we reunited families and saved taxpayers $20 million.

Creating Jobs and Worker Prosperity

Warwick's small-business owners and I have worked together to cut taxes and fees, shorten the time-frame for zoning and permitting approvals, and increase wages for employees. Now Warwick has the lowest unemployment rate in the state.


Equal Pay and Workplace Harassment

Equal Pay for Equal Work. No matter your age, race, or gender you deserve fair and just compensation. It’s that simple. This year the Senate passed strong equal pay legislation as well as new protections for women in the workplace, which I proudly co-sponsored.

Helping Warwick's veterans and seniors

Our veterans and seniors have been there for us, including my father Eugene who proudly served in the United States Marine Corps. Now we need to be there for them. As your state senator, I have cut state income taxes on Social Security, doubled funding for our senior centers, and created a veteran's homestead exemption to help vets living on fixed incomes. 


Protecting our air quality and coastline

From Warwick's vast shoreline to the air around TF Green Airport, I am working to protect our public spaces and local environment. I've worked with DEM officials to secure grants that enhance Salter Grove, passed legislation to encourage the use of free-board to flood-proof homes, and sponsored a bill to protect our coastline from off-shore drilling. I've also worked with Warwick residents to improve air quality monitoring at the airport.

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